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    Bridging blockchain with the physical world.

    People and organizations can tokenize and sell their assets through Ekta DeFi, NFT, and DEX solutions.

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    Ekta ecosystem

    By holding Ekta Tokens ($EKTA), users become a part of the Ekta ecosystem.

    Ekta comes from Sanskrit,
    meaning unity, identity, and integrity.

    Ekta unites communities, systems, and values to fulfill our mission of giving everyone a chance to live a better life.

    How you can participate

    • Stake Ekta Tokens ($EKTA) to be rewarded by $EKTA through our system smart-contract.
    • Coming soon Use $EKTA as a payment method to acquire NFTs of real estate, land, and forest assets offered by partners and developers.
    • Coming soon Use $EKTA to participate in IDOs held on ShellDEX, a decentralized exchange being developed on Ekta.
    • Coming soon Use $EKTA as a payment method to acquire startup tokens issued by early-stage companies with high-return potential.
    • Coming soon Stake $EKTA and be rewarded with stable coin through PoS on our decentralized lending system backed by leading corporations.


    • Q3, 2021$EKTA Token IDO
    • Q3, 2021$EKTA mining system launch
    • Q3, 2021Property NFT (Petals) airdrop
    • Q3, 2021$EKTA listing on DEX
    • Q4, 20211st Petals NFT IDO
    • Q4, 2021ShellDEX platform launch
    • Q4, 2021Ekta startup incubator launch
    • H1, 2022Ekta decentralized lending launch
    • H1, 2022Ekta crowdfunding launch

    Partners & resources

    We are working with leading companies to grow and populate the Ekta ecosystem.

  • Venture Capital
  • Manufacturing
  • Natural Capital
  • Banks & Lending
  • Agricultural
  • Real Estate
  • Reminder

    The BSC network is more congested and the system is now assigning you the best DAPP and contract address for your deposit. If you still feel congested, please select the node with the lowest return value in the settings of the wallet app.

    Please wait for a few seconds while the best DAPP and deposit contract are selected.



    BSCのネットワークが混雑しているため、システムがお客様の入金に最適なDAPPと契約アドレスを割り当てているところです。 それでも混雑する場合は、ウォレットアプリの設定でリターン値が最も低いノードを選択してください。



    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!


    Don't forget to come back and Stake your Ekta for 400+% APY!

    Got it!

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